Sunday, 3 February 2013

Blogging as a component of English

Blogging is a useful component in the English classroom.

I believe that blogging is a useful component in the English classroom as it is one of many ways to show and share our learning with both our teachers and our peers.
Many blog posts have sparked discussions in class, i.e Solal's post concerning being a 'social outcast'.  Solal's post sparked several insightful class discussions on the nature of our blogs.
They are not only a way to come up with interesting topics to talk about, but a way to connect with our fellow peers.
It also lets us share our learning with our English teachers - many people who may not speak up in class have written on their blogs, showing their learning. This allows our teachers to understand our ability, skills, and style of writing.
Blogs are a relatively unmoderated medium on which we can share our thoughts. We have the freedom to write of pretty much anything that strikes us.
The freedom to express ourselves is important; providing a medium and nurturing the usage of that medium improves our skills as writers and removes some of our inhibitions of writing.
I realize that it may seem odd that I'm acting as a proponent of blogging when my blog is mostly devoid of posts - I should really be blogging more. I feel that blogs are an important tool for us to express ourselves and share our learning.

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