Sunday, 9 September 2012

A rant - on how people describe themselves

Well, I suppose I should post something here that isn't just schoolwork. And I suppose I have a topic to rant about, and I won't let that go to waste.

We live in a consumerist society. Walk into any city, any town - advertisements and shops, all trying to get you to purchase their stock. This isn't bad in itself - corporations are corporations.

However, it seems these days people describe themselves more and more by the media and products they endorse rather than who they are as people. People are 'fans' of bands, 'fans' of Apple products.

Fan is not a word you should use to describe yourself.
You should not be a fanatic of anything - a fanatic is somebody who is such a large proponent of any given subject that they do not think rationally. You shouldn't consider yourself a fan of anything - in fact, you shouldn't define yourself by what you like.

Define yourself by your personality, not the stuff you like. 
People define themselves more by the products or artists they endorse, not who they are. Describe yourself as a human being, please, don't be a walking advertising board.
(To reiterate: Hobbies and interests are also an integral part of one's personality, clearly my wording was too vague.)

I realize this isn't exactly the most 'fun' way to kick off a blog, but I feel it should be said.
Feel free to comment down below.
(Also, you may want to get used to this juxtaposition of silly and serious articles for the future.)


  1. You might as well be one of my favorite blogs.

    1. Building identity is a tricky business, even more so when people try to make money off the choices we make.

      I agree with Aditi sharing interests can help[ us connect.

  2. Let me start by saying that I, like you love myself a good rant. However, sometimes it is best to remain objective and calm.

    You make some good points about the influence of corporations on our lives and the way we see ourselves and express and project who that person is. I love this line, "Describe yourself as a human being, please, don't be a walking advertising board."

    We should be wary of how we allow corporations to infiltrate our lives, but where I would like to offer some push back is in this line, "You shouldn't define yourself by what you like."

    Why not? Is our personality made up of what we like and what we consume in a sense? Our fashion choices, the music we listen to the films we watch? You are right that we are not solely what we consume, but don't you think that we are partly the media and products we enjoy?

    Anyway, great rant and perfect first post. Keep writing what you feel and are passionate about.

    1. I completely agree with Mr. Raisdana, and just to reiterate some of his major points:
      I understand where you are coming from, totally and completely, but isn't it the case sometimes, that a person's hobbies, likes and dislikes make up who they are? Hearing these, aren't we able to work out some of their major personality traits? It is one thing to say 'I am an artistic person' and another to talk about plays or a form of the arts they enjoy. Maybe simply describing your favourite TV show or talking about your favourite band may not seem descriptive enough, but sharing an interest can forge bonds right off the bat.

    2. I agree, to a certain extent. As I have edited above, I believe hobbies and such are an integral part of our personalities.
      Clearly my wording was too vague :)

    3. That is why we are here and doing this for clarity of writing. A little feedback always reminds us of where we are vague. I thought this was a great post, and I loved your passion and awareness of the role that corporation play in our lives.

      Keep exploring those themes.